Antonio Cabezuelo Vivo

Hello there!

I'm a software engineer currently helping companies to convert their ideas into iOS apps.

I started with the first iOS SDK back in 2008 and since them I contributed to many projects.

My goal is to create useful software by making simplicity and quality my top priorities.

Apps I helped to make


Video camera app offering the best quality, best shooting experience and full manual controls.


Full control over key aspects of professional photography.


Take the fuss out of taking amazing-looking close-up photos

Camera+ Studio

Photo editor for Mac. Powerful. Polished. Pro.

Camera+ 2

Take your iPhone photo editing to the next level with Camera+ 2 - the best and most powerful photo capturing & editing app available


Powerful video recording simplified

Camera+ Legacy

Camera+ Legacy was the first version of a legendary app that helps you use your iPhone to shoot the best photos you possibly can.

Camera+ for iPad

With Camera+ you’re able to use your iPad to shoot the best photos you possibly can. Packed with several useful features that your standard camera app doesn’t include, your pics will improve the instant you start using Camera+.

Coowry for iPhone

Pay with your mobile. No bank accounts. No cards. No fees.

Arivanza for iOS

Arivanza is the first e-learning management platform designed from scratch for a mobile world.


The iPhone app for Zappinternet to see all their videos.


The iPhone app for BRB Intenacional to see all their cartoon shows.


The iPhone app for Unobrain to train your brain.

Pocoyo Kids TV

Children can now learn languages ​​with Pocoyo and their friends in a safe and friendly environment for them.

Aviva. Calculadora de Jubilación

The iPhone app for Aviva to calculate your retirement pension.

Aviva. Calculadora de Protección

The iPhone app for Aviva to calculate your protection needs.

ActiBva. Comprar o alquilar

The iPad app for ActiBva to calculate if it is better to rent or to sell a house in Spain.

ActiBva. Simulador de Sueldos

The iPhone app for ActiBva to calculate your net and gross salary.

ActiBva. Vender o alquilar

The iPad app for ActiBva to calculate if it is better to rent or to sell a house in Spain.

Personal Projects


The iPhone app for Kiosko.net to see the front pages from all the most important newspapers around the world. A must have if you want to be up to date.


A litle entertainment app with funny sounds from ciberspace.


A very easy to use app that will help you in the process of learning and practicing vocal and instrumental pieces.


Organize scratch quartets competition with this simple tool.

¿Qué tarifa?

See what type of electricity rate is applied at the current time in Spain.

Open Source

In my GitHub you can find numerous open source libraries and projects made by me that you can use in your own apps. Here you have some of them:


Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

1989 - 1996

Companies I helped during my career


Miller freemancobolnovelunix1995 - 1996
Algoritmos Procesos y Diseños3DS MaxC++ESPRITMFCe-commerce1996 - 1999
SEINTODB2e-commercejava1999 - 2000
Telefónica S.A.AWTjava2000
EresMas Interactiva S.A.XMLXSLXSLTjavascript2000 - 2003
Wanadoo España S.L.DHTMLjavascript2003 - 2004
France Telecom España S.L.CMSDHTMLVODjavascript2004 - 2008
Tecnología, Información y Finanzas S.A.Objective-CiOS2010, 2012
ADNStream S.L.AVFoundationCore DataObjective-CiOS2012
BRB International AVFoundationObjective-CiOS2012
LinkedTeams S.L.Objective-CSwiftiOS2013, 2014
Unobrain HybridObjective-CSwiftiOSjavascript2013, 2014
Kimia Solutions S.L.AVFoundationObjective-CiOS2014
IronHackBootcampMentoringSwiftTeachingiOS2014, 2015
Coowry Ltd. Core DataMVVMSwiftiOS2014, 2017 - 2018
Heyou Games S.L.AVFoundationObjective-CiOS2016
Fractal Internet Consultancy S.L.AVFoundationObjective-CSwiftiOS2016 - 2017
Hashclamp Technologies S.L. Core DataMVVMiOS2016 - 2017
LatNiteSoft S.L. AVFoundationCore DataCoreMLMVVMObjective-CSwiftSwiftUIasync/awaitiOS2010 - 2023
Planout Fields S.L.Core DataMVVMSwiftXMPPiOS2020 - 2022
Filmic Inc.AVFoundationObjective-CSwiftiOS2023 - Today

You can contact me on:
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